New Research Unit Support Boards 

Ben Uri is now establishing independent support Boards of between 4 and 6 persons for each of its Emigre Artist and Wellbeing Research Units to guide and fund both important and distinctive programmes. 

We seek to recruit a distinguished practitioner or executive manager to Chair each Board who has genuine passion for the subject and proven expertise to agree objectives and budgets with the parent Ben Uri Charity Board and lead their units to successfully deliver and achieve preeminence in their sector and prominent national and international reputations.

In support, a small set of committed colleagues committed to the importance of their preferred cause, will be recruited to create a tightly knit cohesive team who have the knowledge, diversity of skills and determination to fund and develop their Research Unit.

To apply:

Please send an introductory email,titled ‘Emigre Research or Wellbeing Research Unit Support Board’ your cause of interest and your distinctive skill sets and experience to Ben Uri Chair, David Glasser, at davidg@benuri.org 


New Business Leaders

We originally planned our launch into the business world some time ago but it was put on hold as we continued negotiations,  which if successful would have been transformative. These have now concluded and the ambitious prospect will not progress at least in the manner envisaged. We are now ready to push the start button and start the recruitment process again.

Have you sufficient time and desire to (re)enter the business world?
Ben Uri are ready to launch two new businesses and need your experience and drive to make them category dominant with profits going direct to the charity. These are success related opportunities.

The two business are:

Ben Uri Collection Reproductions and Limited Editions, Stationary and On-line Publications:

Ben Uri Art Lottery and Raffles: 

How to apply

Please send an introductory email,titled ‘Ben Uri Publishing’ or Ben Uri Lottery’ explaining  your distinctive skill sets and experience to Ben Uri Chair, David Glasser, at davidg@benuri.org 

Please send your CV to Chairman David Glasser at davidg@benuri.org


Ben Uri operates an ongoing internship programme across a wide range of disciplines. Find out more

Expert volunteers 

We are looking for a range of people from diverse backgrounds with specific skill sets to further our public engagement on Art, Identity and Migration.

We seek a broad range of skills and experience in our new board members in the following areas:

  • Marketing, PR, Digital & Social Media: to ensure active and best practice across our current communications and marketing campaigns
  • Finance: to help create innovative secure opportunities for supporters and investors to commit to the revenue and capital needs of the museum 
  • Business to Business: to help refine and expand our Preferred Partnerships programme, guiding marketing campaigns with business partners  in return for funding
  • Fundraising: to lead / guide revenue campaigns across each division of the charity and liaise and develop business partners

If you are interested in discussing further please email the Chair, David Glasser to davidg@benuri.org with a short CV detailing your specific areas of interest and expertise.

Note: Ben Uri do not offer work experience placements