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31 October to 02 December 2018


‘Acquisitions and Long-Term Highlights since 2001′ 

Works by Auerbach, Bomberg, Chagall, Epstein, Brzeska, Gertler, Grosz, Herman, Kramer, Levy, Quintero, Rosenberg, Solomon and Wolmark are complemented by those of more recent immigrant artists including Guler Ates, Tam Joseph, Hormazd Narielwalla and Zory Shahrokhi.


27 February – 31 Jan 2019

‘Finchleystrasse’: German artists in exile in Great Britain, 1933-1945 


More than 35 works by German-born émigrés marking the advent of Kristallnacht and the Kindertransport.

PUBLIC ACCESS ON OPEN DAYS ONLY Please visit German Embassy site to sign up or register here

At Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany (Department of Culture and Education), 23 Belgrave Square / Chesham Place, London SW1X 8PZ

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Forthcoming Exhibitions

At Boundary Rd, London NW8 0RH 

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22 May – 10 June 2018


Adi Nes: Bible Stories


Biblical Stories, from 2003-2006 is an exhibition of 12 extraordinarily staged large photographs by the leading Israeli artist Adi Nes. Better known in the United States than here in the UK Adi Nes is known for provocative and deeply moving images addressing issues of identity – specifically, masculinity and ‘Israeli-ness’. Nes’ images challenge preconceived notions of history and in this series ‘Bible Stories’. 


1 November 2017 – 18 February 2018


A Farewell to Art: Chagall, Shakespeare and Prospero

Extended by public demand to close Sunday 18 February


On display are Marc Chagall’s original lithographs to The Tempest, executed when the artist was eighty-eight years old.  The lithographs that accompany Shakespeare’s text, the greatest of English playwrights, are interpreted by Chagall in a pictorial medium within an ethnic and contemporary idiom belonging wholly to the painter. The Elizabethan world is replaced by the private and parochial imagery of the painter from the shtetl Vitebsk, a small, turn of the 20th century Jewish community in Russia, who migrated and settled in Paris, then the capital city of art, and became a citizen of the world.

These black-and-white illustrations were published, along with the English text of the play, in Monte Carlo, by Éditions André Sauret, under the supervision of Charles Sorlier, in 1975. The hand-set text, in the new fount (font) Romain du Roi, engraved by Philippe Grandjean, was printed by the Imprimerie Nationale of France, in 1975. The original fifty lithographs by Marc Chagall, unsigned, were printed on the presses of Fernand Mourlot in Paris. Of these, thirty-one are full-page hors-texte illustrations and nineteen serve as headers or footers to the printed text, some of them half-page size. For this exhibition, the lithographs have been safely removed from the book, framed and will be returned after.

The total run of the volume was of two hundred and fifty numbered copies, plus twenty copies for contributors, numbered I to XX, printed on Vélin d’Arches paper, small folio size (42.5 x 32.5 cm.), 248 pages, loose sheets, boxed, and signed by the artist. The copy on exhibition is number 122.

The text was published in the English original, not in French translation. No information is supplied as to the provenance of the text, which must have been taken from one of the published editions based on the original First Folio (1623), to which some stage directions were added for clarification.

View the full press release » | View images from the opening night » | View video from the ‘Opening Night’»

8 February – 18 February 2018


Chagall: Mischief and Magic Photo and Poetry Competition – Winning Entries


Winning photographic entries will be displayed at the gallery from 8th – 18th February 2018 along with an anthology of the winning poems. 

14 November 2017



BOMBERG: Book launch on Tuesday 14 November 6.30 pm at Ben Uri Gallery


Ben Uri is delighted to announce the publication of its eagerly awaited monograph on the life and work of David Bomberg. Written and edited by Ben Uri senior curators Sarah MacDougall and Rachel Dickson, this is the first extensive reassessment of Bomberg’s life and career since Richard Cork’s major publication some 30 years ago.

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31 October 2017


Private View of A Farewell to Art: Chagall, Shakespeare and Prospero


50 illustrations by Marc Chagall in 1975 for Andre Sauret’s limited edition publication of The Tempest

Tuesday 31 October from 6:30 pm at Ben Uri Gallery

This is the first occasion these illustrations have been shown in the United Kingdom and launches a national and international tour.

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26 September – 15 October 2017


Ben Uri explores the many ways in which art supports and improves mental and physical health and enriches our lives. At a time when health and wellbeing is high on the global agenda, Ben Uri demonstrates how the collection’s universal themes of identity and migration can be a unique resource for healthier lives. This exhibition celebrates some of the current projects that form part of Ben Uri’s wider programme including work with older people in care settings and those living with dementia, collaborations with refugees and asylum seekers and projects within our wider communities. It also highlights partnerships with leading universities, researchers and therapists, resulting in significant research presented at the Fifth Health Humanities Conference, 2016 (Seville) and the First International Arts and Dementia Research Conference, 2017 (London).

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28 June – 17 September 2017


Polish Exhibition: A Century of Polish Artists in Britain


Focusing on the contribution made by the largest migrant community to 20th/21st Century British Art, this exhibition highlights the work of Polish artists who have worked and continue to work in Britain. Featured artists include: Jankel Adler, Janina Baranowska, Marian Bohusz-Szyszko, Stanislaw Frenkiel, Feliks Topolski and Alfred Wolmark, complemented by contemporary practitioners working in London now.

A series of oral history interviews with artists representing three generations of Polish migration have been created to listen to alongside the exhibition. Listen to our oral history interviews ».

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27 June 2017


Polish Exhibition: A Century of Polish Artists in Britain – Private View



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19 June – 25 June 2017



Refugees Week – Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence: The weekly allowance asylum seekers receive in food vouchers


This exhibition includes artworks from Ben Uri’s collection partnered with works from the exhibition ‘Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence’ art produced during art therapy sessions at the New Art Studio by current refugees and asylum seekers through our Picturing Memories programme.

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29 March – please see >>



Refugees – The Lives of Others: two exhibitions exploring the contribution of German refugee artists to 20th Century British Art


This exhibition includes artworks from Ben Uri’s collection partnered with works from the exhibition ‘Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence’ art produced during art therapy sessions at the New Art Studio by current refugees and asylum seekers through our Picturing Memories programme.

Upper Gallery: Eva Frankfurther (29 March – 18 June 2017) – marking the launch of a website dedicate to Eva Frankfurther and a digital catalogue of her works. See the website here ».

View Press Release » | Listen to the ‘Oral History Testimonies »‘ 

13 June – 18 June 2017



Thirty-six Pounds and Ninety-five Pence: Artworks by Contemporary Migrant Artists


Celebrating London Creativity & Wellbeing Week, Ben Uri proudly presents an exhibition of works by New Art Studio , a therapeutic art community for asylum seekers and refugees. 

Contrary to common belief, asylum seekers are not allowed to work and receive just £36.95 a week in vouchers to live on. This group of artists has suffered the untold horrors of political violence and war, having lost family and friends, their cultures, languages, homes and identities. They now face the challenges of building a new life in an often hostile environment.

The paintings in this exhibition reflect the resilience and sensitivity of the migrant’s story: one of loss and hope.

There will a range of events to complement this exhibition including a textile workshop, a Q & A with New Art Studio and a free creative workshop – all are welcome to join. Check our events page » for details. 

Click here » for more information

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16 September – 19 March 2017



Yalta 1945

Ben Uri launches the world tour of Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid’s monumental installation Yalta 1945 Learn more ».

Yalta Photography Competition Exhibition » 

See the winning works from our Yalta 1945 photography competition on until 19th March, inspired by the themes of INFLUENCE, DIVISION and UNITY. 

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15 October – 26 February 2017


Ben Uri Out of Chaos poster


Out of Chaos: Ben Uri centenary exhibition tour


The Ben Uri centenary exhibition Out of Chaos is now on tour to Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle.

Learn more »

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20 May – 28 August 2016



Unseen: London, Paris and New York 1940s-60s


Exhibition of photographs by Wolfgang Suschitzky, Dorothy Bohm and Neil Libbert exploring three cities across three crucial decades from the perspective of an outsider. Find out more »

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16 February 2016 – 24 April 2016


Unexpected image


Unexpected: continuing narratives of identity and migration


Exhibition curated in partnership with Counterpoints Arts examining  a wide-ranging contemporary response to the themes of identity and migration. 

Find out more »

11 September 2015 – 17 January 2016



Rothenstein’s Relevance – Sir William Rothenstein and his Circle


Exhibition curated in partnership with Cartwright Hall, Bradford Museums and Galleries, examining the work of Sir William Rothenstein and his circle, artists including Mark Gertler, Jacob Kramer and Alfred Wolmark. Find out more »

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2 July – 13 December 2015


Ben Uri Out of Chaos Catalogue


Out of Chaos – Ben Uri: 100 Years in London



Ben Uri centenary exhibition. 

Find out more »

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28 April – 9 October 2015



Arts in Harmony


Ben Uri’s musical heritage in association with the Royal College of Music. 

Find out more »

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15 April – 9 August 2015


Ben Uri No Set Rules Cover


No Set Rules


A century of selected works on paper from the Schlee Collection Southampton and the Ben Uri Collection London Find out more »

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5 March – 31 March 2015



14 November 2014– 22 February 2015


Ben Uri Refiguring the 50s HB Catalogue


Refiguring the 50s: Joan Eardley, Sheila Fell, Eva Frankfurther, Josef Herman and L S Lowry


Examining the work of five key artists from the period. 

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25 June – 5 October 2014


Ben Uri Max Weber An American Cubist in London Cover

11 April – 8 June 2014


Ben Uri oman Halter- Life and Art Through Stained Glass £15

13 – 30 March 2014


Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy


Video Art from Africa plus the Shell Amateurs Community Photography

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1 November 2013 – 2 March 2014


19 April – 30 June 2013


Boris Aronson and The Avant-garde Yiddish Theatre


Costume and Stage Designs 1917 Kiev – 1929 New York (19th April 2013 – 30th June 2013) 

Find out more »

21 March – 7 April 2013


10 Days: Young People’s Photographic Project


View images from the ‘Private View’ » | View ‘Exhibition’ Video »

A transatlantic dialogue

9 July – 22 September 2013


Looking In: Photographic Portraits by Maud Sulter and Chan-Hyo Bae


View images from the ‘Private View’ » | View Catalogue » 

Find out more »

14 November  2012 – 10 March 2013


Judy Chicago and Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick, Tracey Emin


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A Transatlantic dialogue Find out more »

4 – 28 October 2012


17 – 29 April 2012

An Exhibition of Portraits by Primary School Children: We Are …


Berlin 1920-30s: Fashion, jazz, sex, Jung, art, politics and migration Find out more »

21 September 2011 – 15 January 2012


Josef Herman: Warsaw, Brussels, Glasgow, London 1938-44


Find out more »

Ben Uri exhibitions (1980 – 2010)

  • Cross Purposes: Shock and Contemplation in Images of the Crucifixion (2010)
  • Apocalypse:Unveiling a Lost Masterpiece by Marc Chagall (2010)
  • Jacques Lipchitz: Master Drawings, Anatomy of a Sculptor (2009)
  • Forced Journeys: Artists in Exile in Britain c. 1933-45 (2009) Find out more »
  • Robert Lenkiewicz: Self Portraits (2008)
  • Israel and Art: Tribute to Teddy Kollek (2008)
  • Whitechapel at War: Isaac Rosenberg and his Circle (2008)
  • Auktion 392 (2007)
  • Bomberg’s Relevance (2007)
  • David Breuer Weil Project 3 (2007)
  • Regard and Ritual (2007)
  • Love Revealed: Simeon Solomon and the pre-Raphaelites (2006)
  • Dora Holzhandler (2006)
  • Embracing the Exotic: Jacob Epstein and Dora Gordine (2006)
  • Joash Woodrow (2005)
  • Chagall and his Circle (2005)
  • Abram Games (2005)
  • Rediscovering Wolmark: a pioneer of British modernism (2004)
  • The Modern and the New (2004)
  • A Storm in Europe: Béla Kádár, Hugó Scheiber and Der Sturm Gallery in Berlin (2003)
  • Director’s Choice (2003)
  • The Tortoise and the Hare: Jacob Kramer and William Roberts (2003)
  • Making Waves (2003)
  • Mark Gertler (2002)
  • Ludwig and Else Meidner (2002)
  • Bernard Meninsky (2001)
  • The Ben Uri Story (2001)
  • Bernard Cohen (1994)
  • Claude Rogers (1992)
  • Abram Games (1991)
  • Solomon J Solomon RA (1990)
  • Jacob Kramer (1984)
  • Mark Gertler (1982)
  • Sir Jacob Epstein (1980)


Centenary Exhibition

2 July – 13 December 2015


Ben Uri Centenary exhibition out of chaos

Out of Chaos – Ben Uri: 100 Years in London


We celebrated our centenary year with the exhibition Out of Chaos – Ben Uri: 100 Years in London. This exhibition explored one hundred years of émigré history with masterpieces from our art collection, looking to forge future conversations about the relationship between immigration and art.

View a virtual tour of the exhibition together with an audio guide

Watch more films relating to the exhibition Out of Chaos and Ben Uri centenary celebrations.


Our story began on 1 July 1915 in London’s East End when Russian-Jewish émigré Lazar Berson and like-minded local artists and craftsmen formed a society to nurture art and creativity. Find out more about the story that unfolded over the next 100 years, a story of art, identity and migration and an art collection of 1,300 artworks that needs a new home.

You can also visit our centenary website to explore an online gallery, discover archives, watch films, read blogs and uncover the work of our community partners.

Out of Chaos will also be shown at other exhibition spaces in the UK during 2016. Find out more.


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