Art out of the Bloodlands – Polish Artists Oral History Interviews

To run alongside our current exhibition, we have recorded a series of interviews with Polish artists, who represent three generations of migration: Holocaust Survivor, Martial Law in Poland and contemporary movement across open boarders.  All their work is included in Art Out of the Bloodlands, our current show at the gallery.

Excerpts from an interview with Alicia Melamed Adams recorded on 1st June 2017.
Listen to her fascinating life story, how she escaped persecution during her childhood and teens as well as her art career in her new British homeland.

Excerpts from an oral history interview with artist Joanna Ciechanowska recorded on 16th May 2017.
Listen to Joanna talk about discovering her Jewish heritage, growing up in 1950s Poland and how and why she settled in the UK.

Excerpts from an oral history interview with artist Maja Ngom recorded on 10th May 2017.
Learn about Maja’s heritage and upbringing in Poland, and how this has impacted on the work she makes, as well as her plans for the future.