Creative Spaces

Bringing Ben Uri to you

Creative Spaces enables Ben Uri to get creative in the community. Using materials and techniques which wouldn’t be possible in the gallery space, from printing and painting to sculpting, textiles and even gilding, it brings the joy and thrill of creativity to those who may not be able to get out so much. No art experience needed and no need to impress – just create!

This flexible outreach programme has been designed to meet the needs and comforts of each new partner and all participants. A series of 12 weekly workshops, each one inspired by different works from the Ben Uri collection explore a range of techniques and materials under the guidance of a trained, experienced Ben Uri facilitator. The atmosphere is both secure and cheery, always featuring refreshments and culminating in an (optional) finale event to which loved ones are invited in to share in the fun.

More information about our wellbeing programme
For further information on any of Ben Uri’s wellbeing programme, please contact Emma Hollamby, Wellbeing Officer at or call 020 7604 3991.