Picturing Memories

Art Therapy in the community

As part of Ben Uri’s commitment to arts and health, we have been supporting the placement of a trainee Art Therapist from Roehampton University over the past two years. As a result, our trainee has been working with a small group at Netherwood Day Centre (Kilburn), a day centre for those living with Dementia. Using the Ben Uri collection and temporary exhibitions as a stimulus for each session, participants explore a range of themes, materials and techniques which are moderated to all abilities.

Given the success of this initial phase, the gallery is now in a position to support future placements for second and third year students with further centres in Camden. Ben Uri will also partner with the University of Hertfordshire for 2016/17, supporting students as they work with the local community. For some participants this has been the opportunity to rekindle a lost love of art, for others it has sparked unknown pleasures.

Picturing Memories’ has demonstrated the positive effects to be gained from participating in art for those living with dementia and will continue to explore these benefits, bringing happiness, stimulation and interaction to many along the way.

We recorded an interview June 2017 with Charli Patterson, a second year trainee Art Therapist at Roehampton University.

For further information on any of Ben Uri’s wellbeing programme, please contact Emma Hollamby, Wellbeing Officer at emmah@benuri.org or call 020 7604 3991.