Refugees: The Lives of Others

Oral History Testimonies

To accompany our exhibition ‘Refugees: The Lives of Others’, we have interviewed German UK citizens, including those who had to flee Germany prior to World War Two, and younger generations who have chosen to become residents within the UK.

To listen to excerpts from these interviews, scroll down and click on the recordings below. 

Born in 1928 in Germany, Gerta escaped to Belgium on the Kindertransport in 1939, eventually arriving in the UK later that year. Listen to her childhood memories of that period as well as her reflections on her early career.

Daisy came to London as a Kindertransport child in January 1939. Listen to her memories of growing up in Germany, how the Quakers saved her life, and how she carved a life for herself in the UK.

Ralph, formerly Claus, was born in 1924 and came to the UK with his family in 1937. Ralph shares his memories of growing up in Nazi Germany, escaping with his family to the UK, and becoming naturalised in 1948.

Michael, born in Germany in 1929 into a liberal Jewish family, speaks of his childhood, fleeing Germany to the UK in 1938, and subsequently settling in New Zealand. Since 1960 Michael has lived in London. 

Barbara, a German UK resident and non-refugee, reflects on her motivation to relocate to the UK in 1991, and what the future may hold for her post Brexit.

Argula reflects on her childhood growing up in Germany with a British mother and German father, considers her identity and how she found herself living in the UK.