Refugee Week 19-25 JUNE 2017

‘Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence’ 

The weekly allowance asylum seekers receive in food vouchers

View our online exhibition (link below) includes artworks from Ben Uri’s collection partnered with works from the exhibition ‘Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence’ art produced during art therapy sessions at the New Art Studio by current refugees and asylum seekers through our Picturing Memories programme. 

‘Thirty Six Pounds and Ninety Five Pence’ exhibition

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Picturing Memories

We have been supporting the placement of a trainee Art Therapist from the University of Hertfordshire, who is working with a group of refugees and asylum seekers at New Art Studio. Using the Ben Uri collection as a stimulus, NAS have been supplied with art resources, catalogues and high-quality framed reproductions of collection works, which they used to work with their clients to produce new works which you can view here. 

Many of the artists from the New Art Studio do not have the confidence or privilege to talk freely about their experiences therefore we have kept the information about them to a minimum. Pseudonyms or first names have been used to conceal their true identity as the fear for their safety and the safety of their families back home are very real concerns.

There are some governments that can, and do act with impunity, often threatening family members. By sharing their art work in public we acknowledge the courageous steps these artists have taken. We respect and admire their bravery and need for privacy.

The artists have come from Afghanistan, China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Kurds from Turkey Pakistan and Ukraine.

Watch Tania Kaczynski an Art Psychotherapist at the New Art Studio talk about her work and the exhibition.