Ben Uri  Gallery and Museum is a UK registered charity 280389. All our work, engaging the public across so many fields of endeavour, require funding as we have no guaranteed funding from one month to the next.

We rely on you, our public, to financially support the range and reach of our work.

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Please see below to find out how you can support, contribute and get involved.


Our value commitment to our donors and supporters

For years many people have asked, and continue to ask, how we present such a full and diverse programme of exhibitions, events, learning and wellbeing programmes and publish hard back scholarly publications on our slender budget.

The answer is three seamless parts of the whole:

  • The commercial culture at Ben Uri is ingrained – spend BU money as if it were our own – coming from our hard-earned taxed savings.
  • Efficiency: establish effective control, comparative pricing, and cost/service/product best value reference systems that are as good as in any buying department in any proficient and profitable business.
  • Spirit and commitment of the team to deliver: so much volunteer time – emails fly through the ether from 8 am regularly until midnight 6 days a week more regularly than not.

Why Ben Uri needs your donation

We do not have a gallery that allows the display of our entire collection, so it is, sadly, locked away in secure storage. A donation from you, large or small, would make a big difference to us because it would bring us closer to realising our ambition to show the world – for the first time – the whole Ben Uri Collection.

Data protection

Ben Uri does not reveal under any circumstances your personal information. Find out more in our Privacy and cookies policy.