Website Accessibility

Accessibility statement

Ben Uri Gallery & Museum is committed to providing an accessible website and endeavours to do so by supporting the use of web accessibility standards.

Help using the website

To configure your browser and enhance your experience, please see the BBC’s My Web My Way, which is a resource specifically designed to help users on a variety of platforms.

YouTube videos on our website

We have produced a series of accessible films, to be enjoyed by people of all abilities to find out about visiting the museum. To view these videos or download the transcriptions, please go to our BUTV Section.

Accessible resources and services we provide

  • Large print versions of captions for a large number of the portraits are usually available at the Reception Desk in the Gallery.
  • A number of online resources, such as audio description & oral histories are available on our website.



Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions about the accessibility of our website by emailing